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eca block, leca block
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ECA block is a highly porous substance and has a density range of 650 to 950 kg/m3, which reduces its deadweight. This makes it easier to transport and faster to carry around, which reduces the structural and labour cost of the building.

eca block, leca block
ECA Blocks Supplier

high resistance to water absorption

ECA block is made of ECA round palletes that give it the honeycomb structure and higher compressive strength compared to ordinary bricks. This makes the final structure that much stronger. This is why ECA block is lighter but stronger.

ECA Blocks Manufacturer
LECA Blocks Manufacturer

Fire Resistant

The main substance of ECA block is Expanded Clay Aggregate which is formed at 1200oC. This exceeds the statutory requirements of Standard Building Code and provides a significant level of life and property protection against fire.

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thermal insulation

ECA block has high thermal coefficient, which shields the interiors from external heat and cold. This results in cost savings for heating and cooling.

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earthquake resistant

The superior compressive strength of ECA block makes it naturally capable of withstanding a high intensity quake.

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non reactive

ECA block has strong chemical resistance against acidic and alkaline substances, which helps to maintain the pH value of 7, which is considered neutral. This makes it nonreactive to substances, which in turn improves its longevity.

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superior acoustic insulation

A 20 cm wide ECA block can prevent up to 46 db of noise. This renders the surrounding a lot more peaceful, especially when offices or homes are in close proximity to main roads.

LECA Blocks, ECA Blocks

termite & pest resistant

Termites cannot penetrate the superior protection of ECA block. This enhances both the safety and longevity of structure formed using ECA block.

ECA Block, LECA Block

easier to build

As the ECA blocks are lighter, it is easier for labourers or machines to carry them to higher floor. This reduces labour and machine cost while improving efficiency considerably.

benefits for

construction industry

easier to transport

ECA blocks are bigger, lighter, stronger and more durable than conventional bricks. This makes it that much easier and more efficient to transport them without damages to the blocks even in case of less than ideal transport infrastructure.

easy to modify

ECA blocks can be drilled, nailed and shaped easily. They can also be easily coated with plaster or paint to decorate the walls as required. Concealed or conventional wirings and pipes can also be installed easily.

environmentally friendly

ECA is credited by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and US Green Building Council (USGBC) as a "green" alternative to traditional construction materials. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) also recommends its use in India. ECA generates no pollutants or hazardous wastes.

efficient use to labour

As the ECA blocks are bigger and lighter, the required structure can be made much faster and with less effort, which directly translates to significant cost benefit.

direct cost savings

Due to its smooth surface and large dimension, mortar expense is reduced by over 70%.



Gujarat ECA Blocks

technical specification of eca block

  • Size

    600 x 200 x 230 mm

    600 x 200 x 150 mm

    600 x 200 x 100 mm

  • Dry Density

    600 to 750 kg.m3

  • Compressive Strength

    3.5 to 5.0 N/mm2

  • Thermal Conductivity

    0.14 to 0.18 W/mk

  • Sound Absorption

    up to 46 dB

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The product is also called as Leca Haydite or ex-clay. In Europe, LECA commenced in Denmark, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), UK and Middle East. There are several manufacturers and suppliers of Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) and Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) in the world. Common uses of ECA are in concrete blocks, concrete slabs, geotechnical fillings, lightweight concrete, water treatment, hydroponics, aquaponics and hydroculture. ECA or LECA is a versatile material, and is utilized in an increasing number of applications. In the construction industry, it is used extensively in the production of lightweight concrete, blocks and precast or in cast structural elements (panels, partitions, bricks and light tiles). ECA used in structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls, bridge abutments. ECA can drainage the surface water and groundwater to control ground water pressure. LECA grout can be used for flooring (finishing) and roofing with thermal and sound insulation. ECA or LECA is also used in water treatment facilities for the filtration and purification of municipal wastewater and drinking water as well as in other filtering processes, including those for dealing with industrial wastewater and fish farms. ECA has uses in agriculture and landscapes. It can alter soil mechanics. It is used as a growing medium in hydroponics systems, and blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat to improve drainage, retain water during periods of drought, insulate roots during frost and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth. ECA can be mixed with heavy soil to improve its aeration and drainage. ECA is useful for Landscaping, Petrochemicals – Oil and Gas, Roof Top Thermal Insulation, Sound or Acoustic Insulation, Roads and Bridges, Floating Bridges on Water Bodies, Floating Solar Power Plant or Panel, Landslide Prevention, Waterproofing, Outdoor Sports Courts, Railways & Metro Rail Projects, High Strength Structural Concrete, Precast Concrete Segments, Surface or Waste Water and Affluent Treatment and Water Conservation. Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited has already been created a niche for itself on quality Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) and Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) product, on time supply and guiding customers on effective usage of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) or Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) for best results. Expanded Clay Aggregate are preferred light weight aggregate used in place of conventional Charcoal, Coco peat, Diatomaceous earth, Growstones, Lavarock, Mineral wool, Perlite, Pumice, Rice hulls, Sand, Vermiculite and Wood fiber, Construction, Ceramic