leca, eca, expanded clay aggregate


Saves Agriculture Soil By Using Waste Fly Ash & Mining Clay.

ECA is round pellet structure produced by firing natural clay at temperature of 1200°C. The result is a hard, honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids within the aggregate. The particles formed are rounded in shape and generally range in size from 0-30mm; these are processed to the required grading, depending on the final use. ECA is an extremely light weight, strong and thermally insulating material.


ECA (Expanded Clay Aggregate) was developed about 1917 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, to the production in a rotary kiln of a expanded aggregate known as ( LECA) Haydite which was used in the construction of USS Selma, an ocean-going ship launched in 1918.

In Europe, LECA commenced in Denmark, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), UK and Middle East.


Low Density

Excellent Fire Resistance




Earthquake Resistant

Sound Insulation

Environmentally Friendly

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Low Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion

Water Treatment

Hign Resistance to Water Absorption



Gujarat ECA Blocks

technical specification of eca

  • Partical Size

    0-5 mm, 5-10 mm,

    10-15 mm, 0-30 mm

  • Bulk Density

    300 to 750 kg.m3

  • Cylinder Compressive Strength

    0.6 to 3.0 N/mm2

  • Dry Thermal conductivity

    0.09 to 0.10 W/mk

  • Surface Alkalinity

    7 to 9 pH

  • Water Absorption

    18 to 20 % of sixe



Block, Wall panel, RCC, PCC, Insulation, Plastering, Flooring, Back fill.


Road, Railway, Fill For Airport Runway, Land fill, Drainage, Port, Underground Conduits & Pipelines, Dead-end bridges, filling, Water Filtration, Fill Behind Retaining Walls, Fill on Elevated Structures, Bridge Applications.


Landscaping, Green Roofs, Flower beds, Flower Pots


Agriculture, Horticultures, Hydroponics.

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