ECA Insulating Concrete
ECA Insulating Concrete

a multipurpose
insulating concrete

ECA - Insulation

  • Because of the low specific weight of ECA it can be laid to considerable thicknesses, and can incorporate services (electrical, water) which keeping the structural loading low.
  • The porous nature of the expanded clay granules gives excellent thermal installation and improves acoustic insulation.
  • For the floor finish, top screed is required, either using one of the mixes in the ECA-Mortar range (0-3mm) or a traditional sand / Lime / cement mix.

features and


LECA Blocks, ECA Blocks

Heat Insulation

ECA dramatically improves the insulation capabilities of screed systems. Replacing sand screeds with ECA screed can reduce the thermal conductivity of that section by up to 80%.

Advantages : Increased overall insulation capabilities. Non-combustible, Heat/cold resistance to weathering.

Benefits : Reduced cost of additional insulation. Can be laid in the bag.

ECA Block, LECA Block

Sound Insulation

Using ECA the screed system increase the sound insulation properties of up to 6dB compared to sand cement screed. 

Advantages : Reduction in sound transfer through floors in offices, hospitals, schools, theatres, residential, etc.

Benefits : Quieter buildings and cost savings (cont.......)

LECA Blocks, ECA Blocks


Using ECA in screed produces a material with very low shrinkage, typically 0.04%.

Advantages : Large bags can be cast directly which makes the process quicker and in a single operation, reducing working hours.

Benefits : Time and money savings.

ECA Block, LECA Block


ECA screed's drying time is 3x quicker than sand cement and anhydrite screeds.

Advantages : Speeds up construction

Benefits : Floors can be used sooner. A quicker client handover.

LECA Blocks, ECA Blocks


Using ECA in screed systems reduces weight by around upto 60% compared to sand cement and anhydrite screeds.

Advantages : Reduced dead loads means less supporting structure is needed. Allows a robust screed solution where weight is a problem.

Benefits : Less weight allows for greater flexibility in design. 

technical specification

  • Partical Size

    ECA + cement + sand + water Thickness:

    50 - 75 mm

  • Uses

    Top of the roof:

    Roof gardening:


    Wall Plastering:

    Sunken filling:

    Light weight fillings:

    Basement filling:

    2 - 7mm, 8 - 15mm

    2 - 7mm, 8 - 15mm

    2 - 7mm

    0 - 2mm

    8 - 15mm, 15 - 30mm

    8 - 15mm, 15 - 30mm

    8 - 15mm, 15 - 30mm

  • Packing

    50 Liters beg

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