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Extensive systems are shallow in soil depth (less than 6") and are not capable of supporting larger plants, but tend to be easier to maintain.

Ideal for large flat-roof buildings and apartments.

Suitable for low-sloped residential roofs and retrofits.

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Intensive systems are deeper in soil depth (typically 6" to 12" and greater) and are capable of sustaining heavier rooted plants.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and best resembles a normal garden bed.
  • Fully landscaped roof top garden.
  • Diverse plants and trees can be planted
    • Water Proof Layer (PVC/Rubber Sheet Or Chemical)
    • Drainage Layer (PVC Drainage Mat)
    • Filter Media (ECA)
    • Root Permeable Filter Layer
    • Growing Media (ECA And Organic Sand)Growing Media (ECA And Organic Sand)
    • Plant


Prevents Root Rot

Another result of increased Oxygen levels and improved drainage is that aerobic (air breathing) bacteria populations remain strong which keep the disease causing anaerobic (non air breathing) bacteria at bay.

Reduces watering requirements & water evaporation

By top dressing your pots and planters with a one to two inch layer of ECA evaporative losses are reduced which effectively conserves water and increases the time between watering.

Blocks algae and fungus gnats

A top dressing of ECA also serves to block direct light from reaching the growing media which prevents problematic algae from growing on its surface. This 'dry' top dressing also deters fungus gnats from colonizing your containers with their root destroying larvae.

Provides physical stability

When growing outdoors with a lightweight media such as coco pit etc., , blending some ECA into the mix will give planters the extra weight they need to resist getting knocked over by wind, rain or small animals. (cont.....)

Easy reuse

ECA can be kept for an unlimited time, without ever changing.
Supplied in bags it is easy to use, store, carry and dose.

  • Environment-friendly
  • Non-combustible
  • Natural insulation
  • Vegetation in the roof can also help prevent UV rays
  • Very light, yet holds moisture


  • Particle size

    0-2 mm

    2-7 mm

    8-12 mm

  • Bulk Density

    300 to 750 Kg/m3

  • Dry Thermal Conductivity

    0.09 to 0.10 W/mK

  • Surface Alkalinity

    7 to 9 pH

  • Water Absorption

    18 to 20 % of size

  • Packaging

    50 liters bag

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