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  • ECA is the right product for creating lightened draining layers for landscaping. It applications are as follows:
    • Lawn, Flower Beds, Flower Boxes, Flower Pots
    • Plants and Trees, Top Dressing and Mulch
    • Patio, Hanging Gardens
  • The porous, cellular nature of ECA helps manage air, water and solid particulate matter, it reduce compaction, increase soil porosity and maintains soil temperature.
  • The gaps between the pellets provide good aeration for root systems.
  • ECA, limits excessive water retention and enhances drainage, an essential factor for the proper growth of roots and plants.
  • ECA does not release any salinity and does not change the pH factor of the mixture.
  • ECA does not change or decompose in time or due to humidity; it is even spread as top dressing on the pots/ vases which is aesthetically nice to see.
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  • The required size of ECA for landscaping is 7-15mm. The filling procedure of ECA in landscape is generally done in three stages.
  • Firstly the base layer is prepared by spreading ECA which is of 10-20% of the container or the peat for water drainage.
  • In the next stage ECA is incorporated into the soil (ECA and soil in equal quantity including organic matter) and the mixture is spread by 60-80% of the container or the peat.
  • Then after seeding, plantation or placement of sod is done.
  • In the final layer, dressing of ECA is spread by 10-20% of the container or the peat (final layer is eliminated for the application of lawn).


Prevents Root Rot

Another result of increased Oxygen levels and improved drainage is that aerobic (air breathing) bacteria populations remain strong which keep the disease causing anaerobic (non air breathing) bacteria at bay.

Reduces watering requirements & water evaporation

By top dressing your pots and planters with a one to two inch layer of ECA evaporative losses are reduced which effectively conserves water and increases the time between watering.

Blocks algae and fungus gnats

A top dressing of ECA also serves to block direct light from reaching the growing media which prevents problematic algae from growing on its surface. This 'dry' top dressing also deters fungus gnats from colonizing your containers with their root destroying larvae.

direct cost savings

Due to its smooth surface and large dimension, mortar expense is reduced by over 70%.

Easy reuse

ECA can be kept for an unlimited time, without ever changing.
Supplied in bags it is easy to use, store, carry and dose.

Provides physical stability

When growing outdoors with a lightweight media such as coco pit etc., , blending some ECA into the mix will give planters the extra weight they need to resist getting knocked over by wind, rain or small animals. (cont.....)

  • Environment-friendly
  • Non-combustible
  • Natural insulation
  • Vegetation in the roof can also help prevent UV rays
  • Very light, yet holds moisture


  • Particle size

    0-2 mm

    2-7 mm

    8-12 mm


  • Bulk Density

    300 to 750 Kg/m3

  • Dry Thermal Conductivity

    0.09 to 0.10 W/mK

  • Surface Alkalinity

    7 to 9 pH

  • Water Absorption

    18 to 20 % of size

  • Packaging

    50 liters bag

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